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A guide for practical leaders who need growth, 8 Blocks is a powerful method for identifying and pursuing our best growth opportunities.  Built from the common experiences of diverse businesses serving markets around the world, 8 Blocks is a framework that focuses our attention on the eight critical realities that define the unique shape of our opportunities.

8 Blocks is based on a simple principle: the better we understand reality, the more effective our actions. 

8 Blocks Press Release - 18 November 2015:  "New book argues that business growth is less about passion, more about objectivity..."


Praise for 8 Blocks

"Clear, common sense advice... a powerful and practical guide to the realities of management!"  Michael Dobson, author of Project: Impossible!

"8 Blocks provides readers with a critical thinking framework that addresses the paradox of internal and external realities as they focus on accelerating the growth of their business."  Deborah Schroeder-Saulnier, author of The Power Of Paradox

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