Paul Schwada, author of 8 Blocks, is passionate about creating and sustaining thriving businesses.  His experience working on growth spans markets on six continents and every type of business, from startups to old establishments, from manufacturers to software developers.

Paul is a frequent writer, speaker and contributor to business literature; his thinking can be found in Forbes, Industry Week, Investor’s Business Daily, California Management Review, The San Francisco Chronicle, Newsday, The Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM), Proformative, and more.

As managing partner of the Chicago-based consulting firm Locomotive Solutions, Paul applies practical insights gained from a long history of work inside corporations with the objectivity of an external collaborator.  He helps clients around the world find, and take, the best path forward.

Paul Schwada writes a regular blog on the challenges of leadership in existing businesses, Business Well Done (TM).

To get in touch with Paul, visit, check out his profile at SpeakerMatch, or just send him an email and expect a response the same day.